Humidification Systems

Air contains water vapour naturally, the amount it can hold varies depending upon many factors, including the weather, the time of year and inside it is affected by any air conditioning or heating system.

When relative humidity is high moisture will condense on any surface that has a dew point lower than the room condition, most often windows. When relative humidity is low, moisture is drawn from the surroundings, including plants, foods, furnishings and even your own body that results in a dry throat and mouth and irritation to eyes and nose.

High humidity in the working environment is rarely a problem in the UK most often in process areas or computer rooms. High humidity can be tackled by dehumidifiers where there is no additional temperature control problem or with close control air conditioning where temperature is an issue.

Low humidity however is a problem in the working environment for the reasons described above and can be most economically controlled with humidification systems which can be free-standing or even by water reservoirs on radiators, if the problem is a minor one.

In industry and process areas hygroscopic materials will be affected, for example: -

  • Printing - paper will dry out causing tight edges, misfeedings, mis-allignment on multi-runs and creasing.
  • Textiles - yarns lose regain and become elastic, weaker and more prone to breakage.
  • Tobacco - dries and becomes more difficult to process
  • Computer - Electrostatic charges can build up to dangerous levels leading to serious operating problems.

The result of low humidity is not only costly to production and quality but can also present a serious risk to the workforce.

The solution is to put moisture back into the the air by using humidification systems. We can provide the widest possible choice of effective, economical and reliable methods of doing just this. We have a wealth of experience in this field and offer a range of humidity instrumentation and controls so you can monitor and control conditions for your production and business requirements.

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