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Lease rental is a very simple and convenient way for you to acquire business essentials without a high initial capital outlay and is currently widely used to obtain products such as vehicles, photocopiers and computers.

It is now available on all Air conditioning equipment supplied by CRMS - instead of having to pay for the installation with a one off payment, the total cost of the installation is spread over a fixed period of time (3 or 5 years), at a fixed monthly rate which does not rise with inflation and is wholly tax deductible. (Subject to status.) Advantages to you of Lease Rental 

  1. allows immediate use of the equipment
  2. overcomes capital expenditure budget restrictions
  3. payments are wholly tax deductible
  4. helps cash flow
  5. assists accurate budgeting
  6. does not affect other lines of credit

Example: -An office 3 x 3 x 2.4m high to be maintained at 22 degrees centigrade in the UK approx £1,400 including VATax and installation

3 year period  @ £36/£1000 = £50.76 per month or £2.50 per working day.

5 year period  @ £24.60/£1000 = £34.70 per month or £1.74 per working day.

After the period expires the equipment belongs to you fully. Why wait? Install air conditioning now to ensure better working conditions, improved staff performance and increased profitability.

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