Portable Air Conditioning Price list and terms

Make Type Model


Room size RRP
2-10 Weeks
DeLonghi 1.0m Hose PACFX140 ECO 2.11 15/164 sq. m/ft 488.00


DeLonghi 1.3m Hose PACCT150 ECO 2.20 19/213 sq. m/ft 510.00 480.00 £60
DeLonghi 1.3m Hose PAC29 ECO 2.49 23/252 sq. m/ft 680.00 660.00 £60
DeLonghi 1.3m Hose PAC45 ECO 2.52 28/305 sq. m/ft 765.00 740.00 £60
DeLonghi 1.3m Hose PAC 60 ECO 2.90 33/368 sq. m/ft 861.00 840.00 £70
DeLonghi 3.0m Quick Coupling PACFX400 ECO 3.52 36/400 sq. m/ft 861.00 840.00 £75
DeLonghi 3.0m Quick Coupling PACCS60D ECO 4.99 40/444 sq. m/ft 1,362.00 1,299.00 £100
Industrial Spot Cooling            
Make Type Model Capacity   RRP Our Price 2-10 Weeks
MovinCool Double Hose SF15 4.4 kW   2,950.00 2,668.00 £155
MovinCool Triple Hose 30H 9.9 kW   4,600.00 4,493.00 £250
Industrial Air Blowers            
Make Type Model Air Volume   RRP Our Price 2-10 Weeks
Rapid Plate Fan R500 8500 m3/hr   499.00 421.00 £20
Triangle Axial Fan AFC-18 9400 m3/hr   127.00 .120.00 £20
Triangle Axial Fan PC-3021 13940 m3/hr   412.00 389.00 £30
Triangle Axial Fan TPC-4213 26,250 m3/hr   795.00 748.00 £50
Terms & Conditions
  1. This hire contract is for a minimum period of 2 weeks. Shorter hire periods are available subject to a 20% increase. Hire periods over 10 weeks will attract a discount of 30% thereafter.
  2. 2-3 units attract a discount of 10% and above 4 units attract a discount of 20%.
  3. Rates quoted are for each whole or part week.
  4. All hire contracts are irrevocable and notice of termination of hire must be confirmed by telephone and then given in writing. Where an off-hire instruction is given by telephone you must ask for your cancellation reference number.
  5. CRMS will not automatically collect the units at the end of the minimum hire period.
  6. This equipment has been checked and is delivered in good working order. No repairs are to be undertaken by unauthorised persons. In case of breakdown please contact CRMS immediately.
  7. It is your responsibility to ensure the equipment is adequately insured against damage or loss under your existing     policies. Should the equipment be damaged beyond repair or stolen then you shall be liable for its full retail value.
  8. It is your responsibility to use this equipment in accordance with the instructions provided and to return it in good condition. Please note that you will be charged for any damage or cleaning caused by neglect or misuse.
  9. Transport is chargeable at between 5 and 25 mile radius at £25.00 on both deliveries and collections made by     ourselves. Over 25 mile radius will be charged at £40.00.
  10. All prices exclude VAT which is chargeable at the prevailing rate.
  11. For Cash accounts, payment for the first 4 weeks hire including carriage and  VAT is due on delivery and weekly thereafter.
  12. VAT invoices will be raised for the full value on contract completion.
  13. All contracts can be amended from hire to sale at any time during first two week hire period with the hire charge to date being offset against the purchase price.
  14. All units require an open window or adjacent area to disperse the unwanted heat.
  15. CRMS reserve the right to change prices without notification.
  16. Room sizes given are indicative only based on ‘Rules of Thumb’ design.
  17. CRMS reserve the right to supply equivalent units available for hire

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